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GIS Consultancy

From the outset CENTROID will work with you to determine your individual business requirements,assess your data needs and incorporate them into a complete GIS solution. Our service ensures that you are getting the best possible (cost efficient) fit for your needs. That is why we, as one of Ireland’s leading GIS organisations, have structured our business so that we provide a complete consultancy package where clients can draw on staff with the highest levels of technical expertise and experience. Our complete service offers expertise in the following areas: 

•Internal Data Analysis
•External Data Analysis
•Project Management

CENTROID is a full service data analysis consultancy specialising in GIS. We have contributed significantly to the uptake of GIS within Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland over the past 20 years, having assisted with data analysis right across the two regions. CENTROID’s key competency is the ability to create cost-effective GIS solutions. We adopt a straight-forward and cost-effective methodology for integrating client data, business requirements within GIS software. 
CENTROID’s client base covers a wide range of sectors including: local and central government; transportation; sales and marketing; banking; insurance; health; emergency services; energy and utilities. Specific GIS and SPSS sectors that CENTROID specialise in are:
• Local & central government
• Engineering
• Health
• Councils
• Transportation
• Education
• Finance Sector
• Marketing

• Planning
• Housing
• Tourism
• Fisheries
• Economic Development

• Agriculture

• Sport
• As well as many other clients in other vertical markets.


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