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IBM SPSS Training in Belfast, Dublin or Client-Premises


Our SPSS trainers, all with Advanced Degrees, have worked in industry and bring ‘real-world’ experience to each training course. Our goal is to meet your training needs. We offer various levels of training in IBM SPSS. Training courses are given in Belfast, Dublin and Cork. Also, over the past 6 years, training "on-site" on client premises has become very popular. Our training courses are as follows: 

IBM SPSS Statistics Essentials (Introductory level):

The "IBM SPSS Statistics Essentials" is our most popular training course and is essentially an introduction to SPSS technology & application. This beginners course" contains around 13 modules designed to give the trainee to a satisfactory level of introductory training. The course is of 2-days duration, and after completion, the trainee is able to get "up & running" in SPSS. For course testimonies, click here

For a Course Outline, please click here

Advanced Statistical Analysis Using IBM SPSS Statistics:

This advanced course provides an application-oriented introduction to advanced statistical methods available. Students review a variety of advanced statistical techniques and discuss situations in which each technique would be used, the assumptions made by each method, how to set up the analysis, and how to interpret the results. This includes a broad range of techniques for predicting variables, as well as methods to cluster variables and cases. Course duration is 2-days. To view the Course Outline, please email us below.

"Bespoke" or Customised SPSS Training

"Bespoke" or Customised SPSS Training is where you ("the client") prefers to use data which you are familiar with on a day-to-day basis. Our clients tell us that this helps ensure a more rapid uptake of the necessary SPSS skills as staff "learn" a new SPSS skill more naturally when working with their own data. The course is of 2-days duration and we will work with you to adapt the course to meet your specific training needs.

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